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Through careful sketching, designing and detailing. Our steps to building your dream home. 




First things first: Establishing the brief.


Our initial discussions together will focus on outlining a brief and defining the key criteria for your project, including personal and family priorities, timescales and budget parameters.

​Sketching and defining the project scope and objectives is essential before more formal drawing works commence. This can be an exciting but sometimes daunting prospect for clients, who may have multiple ideas and questions, but initially no clear direction.


We aim to help you refine the brief into a series of concise objectives, through exploration and experience, and capture your ideas in a way that can start to turn them into reality.

​Once we have this information, we undertake a full feasibility study and survey of the site, and can then begin the design process.



The design stages: Bringing your objectives to life.

We will prepare initial concept drawings, before working closely with you to iterate and confirm the plans, ensuring we maximise the potential of the site and fulfill all the objectives from your initial brief.


Successful design ensures all key core elements are seamlessly integrated, from the overall layout, to the flow, light, space and storage of the final scheme.

​We then produce and submit all documents required for the Local Authority Planning process (if required), including those for Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings.

​Additional structural documents may be required from Third Party consultants, depending on the specifics of the project, which we coordinate from end-to-end.




Tender drawings: Covering the finer details.

Once we have confirmed the proposed plans, we enter the detailing stage. The more detail you have in terms of drawings, specifications and schedules, the more control we will have on the project timelines and budget.

This is where we focus on all technical aspects and material finishes. We prepare comprehensive packs containing detailed drawings of lighting, joinery, bathroom and kitchen design, as well as mechanical and electrical works.


We will coordinate client meetings with showroom consultants to narrow down appropriate fittings and finishes for each room, ensuring a cohesive interior theme that fits with the overall brief.


When the detailed packs are complete and confirmed, we will issue them to a range of contractors and begin the tender process, which typically takes three to four weeks.

Once we have received submissions from contractors we will sit down with you to go through each proposal in detail, and support you shortlisting, negotiating with and contracting the chosen bidder.  




Construction: Going from 2D to 3D.


When the construction begins, our role moves to the managing the main contractor, any sub-contractors and external consultants, and coordinating each phase of the project build.

This will involve regular site visits and frequent communication and updates back to our client to ensure you are kept up to date every step of the way.


A typical residential build requires thousands of individual decisions, and we ensure the way those decisions are made is structured, ordered and controlled, whilst always keeping an eye on the brief, timelines and budget.

Once construction is complete your dream home will be ready to enjoy, and we will make sure that transition is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  

Post project completion we will stay in close contact, whether it's to iron out AV issues or to ensure a suitable maintenance plan is in place, we will be there to help. We maintain continued working relationships with all of our installers and ensure they are on hand to fix any bugs, make changes or simply provide you with any assistance you might need.

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